The Son(s) release their second album, on Olive Grove Records. entitled ‘The Things I Love Are Not At Home’.

The ten track release follows up their debut from last year and comes with sleeve artwork by Scottish artist Alastair Cook.

The album features collaborations with RM Hubbert, and with Pete MacDonald (State Broadcasters/Randolph’s Leap),

It’s available as limited edition 12″ vinyl and digital download. Track listing reads as follows:

1. Vinny & Ronnie Creeping On The Waitresses
2. Paint Eyes On Your Eyelids
3. Death, With Castanets
4. The Numbers Have You Wrong
5. Underneath The Arbor
6. Polaroids
7. …And A Lick On The Ear
8. When Calm Reaches Down
9. On The Forth We Float
10. The Long Fuse