Solipsism releases a new EP, entitled ‘Hypnagogo’.

Available as a 12″ on 180 gram vinyl on the Ambidextrous label, the EP contains four tracks – ‘Error Hash Mirror Mountain’, ‘Sea Dweller’, ‘Hypnagogo’ and ‘Fast Rubber Taxis’.

Speaking about ‘Hypnagogo’, its creator – Craig Murphy – says: …”Hypnagogo was my first foray into deep electronic music that blended the styles I’m most known for working in: Techno, Ambient and IDM.

“2018 will have at least two vinyl releases by Solipsism and one ambient CD on the highly rated Carpe Sonum Records which houses artists such as David Morley, Thomas P. Heckkmann, Nacht Plank and many others. My main focus though, is building the reputation of Ambidextrous Records and giving Glasgow another strong outlet for high quality electronic music”

Ambidextrous Records has expanded to encompass other acts, as on last month’s OHM compilation, which was the first first vinyl release on the label, and which featured artists such as Norken, Christ. (ex-Boards of Canada) and Mick Chillage.

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