Contrary coves, an Edinburgh trio who spit out hooks like they’re shelling peas – you get the impression that the two year delay between their debut and their ‘Difficult 2nd Album’ may be borne of the members’ relaxed attitude rather than any musical-based obstacles.

The album is typical of their sound – at once urgent and laid back, splattering grooves with post-rock guitars. But what makes Snide Rhythms tick?

Snide Rhythms on the 2nd Difficult Album are: Colvin Cruickshank aka ‘The Reluctant Leader’ (Lyrics, Vocals, Ideas, Synths, Bibs & Bobs), 
Olly Ridgewell aka ‘The Son of Portslade’ (Bass, Guitar, Keys, Positive Vibrations & Tangents), Sam Stokes (Drums & Tattoos)

New live ingredients are ex-Stormy Seas and Braquework members William MacConnachie (Guitar/Keyboard) and Graeme Wilson (Drums)


Olly: Been together for a total of 4 years over a course of 5 years. Minus me for 2 of those years. 
After a hiatus I returned hungry for the finest grooves.

Problem though as the grooves came at a price – drummers absconding to perform surgery on trees in Oregon or tattooing muscle men in Mansfield.

Now we have located a drummer who can sit down for more than 20 minutes without spraying himself with air freshener or breaking into cabaret waltz time.

Snide Rhythms

Colvin: Yeah, someone mentioned recently we are a bit like Spinal Tap when it comes to drummers but I can assure you there have been no bizarre garden accidents or cases of spontaneous combustion in Snide Rhythms.

Nothing as rock n’roll as that. It’s just life. Situations change and players move on amicably. As you can see the line-up has changed since the creation of the 2nd Difficult Album.


Olly: There was a band before I joined, in a sense, on a micro cosmic scale, this was our primordial soup. There was something bubbling in Colvin’s mind predicating our notion of times trajectory that arrowed forth, brave, into the known bandosphere and gathered experience on its upward flight to this current integer.

Colvin: I, The Reluctant Leader formed the group in Edinburgh College of Art. I studied and 
now work there managing the renowned live music venue The Wee Red Bar. 
This is the fifth line-up of our Rock Family Tree now and long may it continue.

Olly: I like green tea and coffee but not on the same day. I understand that time is an illusion constructed from building blocks of “nows”, moments or instances. Like so many pieces of Lego or mega blocks. One of our most contemplative compositions is ‘Desert Legend’ though it’s good to just be and not think too much (sometimes).

Colvin: 5 topics rather than words – Characters, Accents, 
The Bronze Age of Marvel Comics, Psychotronic Cinema, Retro Video Game Cabinets

Olly: Music comes through us and we must be prepared to be its conduit. We don’t invent, we channel. Nobody owns their creation. I play because I have to. Although I’m more like Ken Dodd than Victor Frankenstein. I cant really speak for the rest of the band.

Colvin: We are not doing this for fame or money. Fame does not particularly interest me. As regards money it would be great to be able to create music on a full time basis but that seems like a pipe dream in this current climate. We are doing this to be creative. Snide Rhythms is an outlet.

Single ‘Acid Alliteration’ is out now – more at