Snekhoose release a new EP, ‘Oscar Pray For Oscar The Dog’, as a limited CD as well as a bandcamp download.

The five tracks from the Anglo-Scottish duo come via Wormhole World, an indie label based in the north of England.

Describing themselves as “ambient folk music”, the pair – Jonah Hebron (aka Mzungu, Cacero Lazo) and Rupert Spurrier – their debut created the mini-album on acoustic guitar and a Microkorg, and, they say, treated the pieces in the manner of musique concrete – as samples to be broken apart, split and assembled into the five tracks – ‘A1′,’A2’, ‘A3’, ‘B1’, and, yes, ‘B2’.

As the artists live in York and Edinburgh respectively, the digital files were passed between them, being developed along the way and embellished with snippets of live performance recordings.