You know, I can’t really think of a female ‘supergroup’ – not like the Traveling Wilburys or Eagles of Death Metal. Glasgow-based nine-piece may not contain superstars quite on the level of Bob Dylan or Dave Grohl, but they make up for this in numbers – plus, in Glasgow indie terms, they have quite a pedigree – members of Blochestra, Kill The Waves, Aerials Up, Quickbeam, and, er, rather spoiling this tale of women taking over the musical universe, a solitary Sleeperbloke, Ian out of Trapped In Kansas.

With a brand new EP on the ever-reliable Olive Grove label, an enthusiastic Alex Kenzel filled us in on the rest of the details…


Skinny Dipper is Vicki Cole (guitar), Alex Kenzel (vocals), Gillian Higgins (Vocals and keys), Monika Gromek (bass), Cat Calton (violin), Heather Thikey (violin), Ruth Campbell (cello), Ali Hendry (flugelhorn), Iain Symes-Marshall (drums)

lady north


About 3 and a half years ago Vicki played me some songs she had written on GarageBand and wanted me to try singing them. This was all in her flat, in a cupboard that was sound insulated with mattresses, fuelled by wine! We ended up with 3 songs (all named after Cameron Crowe movie quotes) that we played for some people and got some good feedback! So from there we decided we should really try and make this something that we could play live – so we started asking a bunch of friends that we knew from being in other bands with and Skinny Dipper was born! We lucked out because they all said yes (hence the 9 piece band)! We played our first show last November and it’s all been pretty exciting since then recording our EP Masks, playing shows, and getting picked up by Olive Grove Records!


The band formed in Glasgow and is still in Glasgow, though Vicki no longer lives in the flat with the mattress cupboard! So excited to have our EP launch this Friday the 12th at Stereo! Possibly the most exciting thing that has happened to date was having Cameron Crowe follow us on Twitter and tweet about the EP release! Vicki and I just about died (along with everyone else in the band too).


Post-indie girl-pop stringcore? That’s a description that got mentioned early on and we found it quite amusing.


Why: Oh gosh… because we love it! Because we’d all be sad if we didn’t have the band. Because it’s fun and interesting and exciting! My hopes? I have a pretty overactive imagination so I hope and dream for everything!

Masks can be downloaded now, with 12″ vinyl on the way real soon…