Scottish ska’s chequered history is celebrated in a sprawling two-CD collection, ‘Trembling Earth’.
Subtitled ‘A Scottish Ska Collection’, the F&J Records double album collects tracks from right across the scene – 33 songs on a double-disc set, from 16 bands representing the “past, present and future of Scottish ska”.

Among the acts featured are Bombskare, The Amphetameanies, Esperanza, Victorian Trout Conspiracy, Root System, The Cut Throat Razors, Big Hand, Bis, The Newtown Grunts, Big Fat Panda, Sea Bass Kid, The Skarsoles, Urang Matang, Capone and the Bullets, Joe Viterbo and The Cherry Reds.

The album appears courtesy of the Flotsam and Jetsam label, which has previously released singles by the likes of Mogwai and El Hombre Trajeado, and crucially, The Yummy Fur, who featured Alex Kapranos, who also appeared with The Amphetameanies.

Disc One
1) Bombskare – Crime of the Century
2) The Amphetameanies – This Boy
3) Esperanza – Forget It
4) Capone and the Bullets – Twisted
5) Big Hand – Magnet
6) Root System – Don’t Worry
7) Urang Matang – Teddy Cut A Dash
8) Skarsoles – Four More Shots
9) Big Fat Panda – Nice To Dance With
10) Victorian Trout Conspiracy – Ciderbam
11) Sea Bass Kid – Skaturday Night
12) Joe Viterbo – Too Old For The Disco
13) The Amphetameanies – Ghost Bus
14) Bis – Everybody Thinks That They’re Going To Get Theirs
15) Bombskare – Mr Undiplomatic
16) Cut Throat Razors – Dr Gelati and the Lemon Garden
17) Cherry Reds – What did you say?

Disc Two
1) Victorian Trout Conspiracy – All My Days
2) Esperanza – One Man Down
3) Newtown Grunts – Thrown Away
4) Big Fat Panda – Nobody There
5) Sea Bass Kid – Ginger Stare
6) Cut Throat Razors – Freedom
6) Skarsoles – Skaramanga
7) Capone and the Bullets – I Don’t Feel
9) Root System – It’s Up To Me, It’s Up To You
10) Big Hand – Rock The Boat
11) Urang Matang – Down In A Hole
12) Bombskare – Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?
13) The Amphetameanies – Tales of the Arizona Highway Patrol
14) Capone and the Bullets – Girl
15) Esperanza – Mr Rude
16) Joe Viterbo – I fuckin’ telt you

CDs are available at the Trembling Earth website

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