Siobhan Wilson releases a new album ‘The Departure’, via her own ‘Suffering Fools label.

Including recent singles ‘Marry You’ and ‘April’, the 11-track release follows up 2017 album ‘There Are No Saints’.

Also on the album is ‘Unconquerable’ – with a co-vocal from Stina Tweeddale out of Honeyblood.

The Elgin-raised, Edinburgh-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, crowdfunded the release, with the fan version coming on white vinyl. The release is now available on CD as well as a download via Bandcamp.

Wilson, who spent several years living in Paris, also includes a couple of French-language songs, one a Serge Gainsbourg song ‘Ne Dis Rien’, and also ‘Dis Quand Reviendras – Tu?’ originally by 1960s singer Barbara.

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