Shot Balowski release a new EP ‘Eton’s Burning’.

It’s the first new material since the Glasgow/Carlisle act’s eponymous debut album from a year ago.

The new EP – consisting of the title track plus ‘Morrissey’s Over’ and ‘Kitchen Sink’ – is available to stream, and is also free to download, with a hidden alternative third track.

The trio recorded the new material remotely, as members Debbie Ullrich (bass, vocals) and Tef Lovegrass (drums) were locked down in Carlisle, with Simon Whittle (vocals, guitar) at home in Glasgow.

The EP’s two lead tracks – ‘Eton’s Burning’ and ‘Morrissey’s Over’ – were recorded for Love Glasgow Hate Racism’s online Lockdown Sessions gig on Saturday 13 June, raising funds for Scottish Refugee Council and Refuweegee, alongside acts like Billy Bragg, Lloyd Cole and She Drew the Gun.

Of the new songs, vocalist Whittle said: “We’ve seen Corbyn’s execution by the media and his own MPs, serial-pillock and renowned fridge-interior fan Boris stealing the election, then pandemic/lockdown and governmental omnishambles before the Tories threw the whole country under the Brexit battle-bus to save Dominic Cummings from his own repulsive ego. I haven’t seen my mam since February – they’ve made fools of every last one of us.

“So Dominic gets a special mention in ‘Eton’s Burning’, the band’s singer continues, quoting the song’s lyric: “No Bullingdon, no ruling class, or snowflakes in top hats / We’ll exorcise the ghosts, hang Dominic from a lamppost”.

“Obviously, we’re calling for Dom to be hung by his hood or another item of his ill-fitting clothing,” he quickly points out, adding, “But the lamppost is non-negotiable.”

“’Morrissey’s Over’ is aimed at Smiths fans who haven’t ditched their cosseted, spent old idol yet.,” Whittle continues. “Moz very publicly backs fascists but it’s, ‘Oh, I know, but his latest album is alright actually’. Take a lesson from Black Lives Matter – pull down his statue, and move forward.”

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