Glasgow singer/songwriter Shaz Martin releases her debut album, entitled ‘Art Aesthetic’, available as a Bandcamp download.

Recorded at Motherwell’s Foundry Music Lab, the eight acoustic/electropop tunes include feminist guitar anthem ‘Carter Scratch’, which features the voice of Jameela Jamil (feminist activist and well-known actor on Netflix’s The Good Place).

And closing track ‘Annie Lennox’ is a tribute to the Eurythmics frontwoman. Of that song, Martin says: “I wrote this track after binge listening to the Stranger Things soundtrack and Eurythmics’ 1983 album, Touch, and felt like I needed to melodically reply to the neuro-chemical experience that music gave me.”

Martin is formerly of ‘Flesh’, the duo formed with former Altered Images guitarist and Grammy-nominated producer Stephen Lironi, and is also known for writing the Scottish Women’s football team anthem ‘Girl (Daughter of Scotland)’.

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