The Sexual Objects release their second album, Marshmallow, follow-up to their 2010 debut, Cucumber.
The release from Davy Henderson and co comes in a limited edition of one. Yes, that’s correct.

The vinyl album contains nine tracks split over two sides, the first (or Marshmallow) has five songs – Cincinnati Blooms, Sometimes, Kevin Ayers, Marshmallow and The Shadow of Jet Planes, while side 2 (Kultkreem) contains four instrumentals: Astrastube, Anglia Wagen, Squash, and Pye Hill no.1. (Originally, as I understand it, issued as ‘Cream Split Up’ on 10″ vinyl).

The album is technically self-released on the band’s own Eyelids In The Rain label in conjunction with Creeping Bent as a limited vinyl edition of one, via auction on eBay, and not even review copies are available.

The highest bidder wins the rights to the recordings, meaning that hey can lock it away and let no=one else hear it, or they can issue it to sell or give away themselves on CD, vinyl, download or whatever.

Bidding currently stands at £2,250.00. But hurry, the auction ends on January 25th.

In an interview with Neil Cooper for, singer Davy Henderson says of the release: “We don’t know what the outcome of this will be,” Henderson admits. “It’s an experiment, and, like all experiments, it may fail, but that doesn’t matter.”

More at The Sexual Objects Facebook page.