Scunner release a new single, ‘Sundial’.

A celebration of the restoration of the titular sundial in Glasgow’s King’s Park, it comes with a video by Walkerandwilliam filmed in the walled garden and the sensory garden, on the city’s South Side.

Somewhat confusingly, it’s described as the b-side to a single, the a-side of which will follow in due course. Either way, it’s available via Bandcamp, and recalls “the times when you laugh uncontrollably at the most inopportune moment.”

It’s the first new material from the Glasgow act since Autumn Hang’s ‘Gothic Space Dub’ of ‘Where The Real Don’t Go’ was made available as in July as a free download.

However, the band – ordinarily J J Mills, Disco Dave, Jim Cosgrove, Paul Puppet and The Lunatic Engineer – have been busy during the past months with the latter twosome working on a vast lockdown project entitled ‘Product’, which has seen guests such as Duglas T. Stewart, Monica Queen and Johnny Smillie, and Lavinia Blackwell contribute to a set of more than 70 one-minute songs – intended for later release as an album, these can be currently heard /seen at Youtube playlist.

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