Scunner release a new version of their recent(ish) single, ‘Where The Real Don’t Go‘, which is available as a free download.

The ‘Gothic Space Dub’ reworking of what was the most recent track from the band has been reworked by Aberdeen’s Autumn Hang, who has recently done remixes for Kitchen Cynics, Best Girl Athlete, Rachel Lyon, Fake Noises and others.

The Glasgow-based quartet consist of J J Mills, Disco Dave, Jim Cosgrove, Paul Puppet and The Lunatic Engineer, and the latter twosome have also been working on a vast lockdown project entitled ‘Product’.

It involves guest collaborators including Duglas T. Stewart, Monica Queen and Johnny Smillie, Marco Rea and Lavinia Blackwell, Strange Dave of The Strange Blue Dreams, Markee De Saw, Jan Dark, Luki and The Creative Martyr and stands currently at over 70 songs, all one minute in length. Plans are afoot for these to be compiled into an album, but for now they exist as a Youtube playlist.

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