Scott Twynholm releases a new EP, entitled ‘Waltzer’.

The sometime member of Looper is also known for projects such as Metrovavan and Hoboken; however, his previous work in this field includes the score to ‘Alasdair Gray, A Life in Progress’, which was released on De-Fence Records, as well as ‘Make Me Up’, the first feature length film by acclaimed multi-media artist Rachel Maclean.

Containing four instrumental tracks – ‘The Digital Fairground’, ‘Waltz 3’, ‘Waltz of the Noctambulist’ and ‘Fairground Reprise’ – the EP sees Twynholm, while still influenced by his past in electronic music, moving towards classical and romantic piano as well as film music; taking inspiration, he says, from Brahms, Morricone and Shostakovich.

Multi-instrumentalist Twynholm performs piano, guitars, organ, melodica and tuned percussion on the EP, while there are contributions from an ensemble including bassist Biggi Hilmars; Laura Durrant on cello; Neil Cameron, who plays double bass, drummer Stuart Brown; James Devlin on violin, and Joanna Finnigan contributes vocals.

‘Waltzer’ is available to downloador stream now – more at