Scott Ramsay – a singer/songwriter based in the North East of Scotland – releases his second single, ‘Picture’.

Available as a download, it follows his debut ‘NYC‘, from December 2020.

From Elgin, the singer/songwriter/producer and multi instrumentalist has been playing live across Scotland since 2015, but with lockdown due to Covid, he used his newly gained time to record and self-produce the songs he’d been writing previously with his circle of songwriting friends.

‘Picture’ was co-written with Barry Moir, and the recording features bassist Callum Ord as well as drums from Craig Sim.

Of the track, Ramsay says: “‘Picture’ was a song that began during a writing session when an old frame had suddenly fallen off the wall and hit the radiator beneath causing my friend Barry and I to jump out of our seats. If there was ever a sign to start writing a song that was it.

“It really was a song that once that first verse was written the rest came together very organically. As a writer those are always the sessions you want to have when it feels like you can’t put a foot wrong.

“The song is acoustically driven with a simple clean vocal melody to show the emotiveness of the lyric. Musically it was influenced by finger picking guitar players so the song has some odes to artists like Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon and the Beatles.

“The lyrics describe a story of love, loss and leaving legacy.”

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