Sacred Paws release their second album, ‘Run Around The Sun’, via Rock Action Records.

The Glasgow based duo’s second full-length release follows up ‘Strike A Match’, their SAY Award winning debut from 2017.

The 10 tracks include previous singles ‘Brush Your Hair’ and ‘The Conversation’, playlisted on BBC Radio 6 Music.

The sophomore release from the duo contains the first material compiled in Glasgow, following the previous release’s long distance gestation – with drummer Eilidh Rodgers in Glasgow and guitarist Rachel Aggs based in South London.

‘Run Around The Sun’ continues the pacy, boisterous feel of its predecessor. “I think we’d get bored if it was too slow,” Eilidh says. “We’d never want to play something live that people couldn’t dance to. It would feel really strange to us. It’s kind of the whole point.”

‘Strike A Match’ was “all the songs that we happened to have, put on an album,” says Aggs. The new album’s gestation began not long after the debut’s completion, with the pair continuing to meet up periodically to write songs, before Aggs’ recent move from London to Glasgow.

However, the album’s recordings were completed, again with Tony Doogan, without any travel considerations. As the drummer says, “It was nice to go to a studio and come home, and not have to sleep on someone’s sofa!”

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