It may come as no small surprise that this week’s range of gigs is a wee bit less Edinburgh-centric, even though the “gloomy electronic trip-hop” from Sacre Noir, ambient electro types Becci Wallace & Bill Breaks, and Stirling’s Two Stripe at Pivo Pivo on Tuesday 28th.

Grandaddy, reformed American slacker legends, play what appears to be their only date on the UK mainland on Thursday at Glasgow’s ABC. Unsurprisingly, it’s sold out.

Mass Concensus play a hometown show at The Doghouse, Dundee on Friday, alongside Little Buddha – it’s their album launch – and Vladimir.

The Unwinding Hours, Olympic Swimmers and Foxhunting are part of one of those Interesting Music Promotions nights, in Aberdeen at the Tunnels on Friday, 31st.

We’re probably halfway through the festival season now, and this weekend’s offering is near Garvald, Er, that’s near-ish Haddington. Which is in East Lothian. I think. Anyway, somewhere in the woods stirs the Audiosoup festival, with Dub Mafia, Mr Woodnote, Frog Pocket, Bombskare, Spartan Tartan and Pikey Beatz. Oh, and kicking off things in a fun stylee,Tribute Friday with doppelgangers for Blondie, RAGE, and the excellently-named Beezer (yes, the only Weezer tribute act in the northern hemishpere).

In possibly drier surroundings, Music is the Music Language has just added Remember Remember and Gareth Dickson to a bill which also contains Conquering Animal Sound, Happy Particles and a shedload of other bands playing across various Glasgow venues on Saturday 1st / Sunday 2nd.

Netsounds Unsigned have a brand new club night, “Takeover” which is in partnership with Mad Hatters in Inverness and which will be on the last Friday of every month.
It starts this Friday, 31st August, with Penguins Kill Polar Bears and 76 Knots.

Hugh Reed, former (?) Velvet Underpant, plays a one-off full band show (free entry) at Pandora’s Bar on Glasgow’s Victoria Road on Friday 31st August. It’s free entry. More here

Saturday, September 1, Stirling’s Old Town Jail has been hosting its ‘Freedom Versions‘ series and the finale is on Saturday 1st. Withered Hand follows up a triumphant gig and a case of trench foot from Doune the Rabbit Hole, with a show where he’s supported by Small Feet Little Toes, Conquering Animal Sound and Quickbeam. It’s hosted by End of Neil.

The festival’s in its death throes now, but at the tail end, an excellent show at the Electric Circus on Sundaty – an Emma Pollock and RM Hubbert double-header.

And finally, on Sunday, the much-talked-about Scottish Music Awards. On Sunday 2nd September at Glasgow’s Classic Grand. The Plimptons perform live and Jockrock will be looking on enviously from the sidelines as someone else takes the ‘Best Website’ crown. Or maybe not…