Rudebeard release a new, five-song EP, ‘One Big Yes’, on the F&J label.

Available to download or stream, it’s the first new material from the band since their festive single ‘20-20‘, and includes ‘Toepokes and Tragedies’ – originally written by the band’s Rod Drysdale in 1998, following Scotland’s early exits from both the 1996 Euros and the ’98 World Cup.

Drysdale was at the time a member of Glenrothes punk act the Newtown Grunts, but following the penalty shoot-out win over Serbia in Belgrade last November which saw Scotland qualify for the 2020/21 UEFA Euros, Rudebeard’s drummer Adam Lawson – also a Grunt, so to speak – suggested that their new band revisit the tune.

The EP’s four other tracks are less football-themed and indeed, less in the vein of an acoustic-based anthem, and include ‘Better Than A Smack In The Pus (Better Than A Boot In The Baws)’, ‘Dirty Little Secrets’, ‘Things Are Getting Better’, and ‘ThankyouGoodnight’ – which, along with the EP’s title, continues the patriotic theme by addressing the independence debate.

The (usually) ska/punk combo also number Graeme Mearns, Ali Hendry, Becky Verdon, John MacFarlane and Gordy Davidson, and are drawn from various acts such as the Amphetameanies, Capone and the Bullets, Newtown Grunts, Joe Viterbo, The Banditos, Bulky Matron and Randolph’s Leap.

And in something of a audio-visual viewing frenzy, there’a also a ‘preview reel‘ for the EP, as well as a video of Freddie Robertson – son of Raith Rovers striker Graham – recreating some of the Scotland team’s great goals over the years.

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