Rudebeard release a new EP, ‘Disgrace’, via F&J Records ( SHaG040).

The three tracks are available to stream or download via iTunes, Amazon, Google, Threads of Sound and Spotify (though not Bandcamp, yet at least).

It’s the second instalment of Rudebeard’s lockdown sessions, recorded at various domestic locations in Edinburgh, Glenrothes and Glasgow over the summer of 2020, and follows its June predecessor the ‘As You Walk Away’ e.p.

After the individual recordings were made they were assembled and put together “with infinite patience” by Graeme Mearns, of Leith’s ‘Partners In Grime’, and also one of the core members of the band, who also number Rod Drysdale, Ali Hendry, Becky Verdon, John MacFarlane, Gordy Davidson and Adam Lawson – drawn from various ska and punk acts such as the Amphetameanies, Capone and the Bullets, Newtown Grunts, Joe Viterbo, The Banditos, Bulky Matron and Randolph’s Leap.

“By the end of this process, it was vaguely legal for us all to gather in one place and shout in the direction of a room mic,” the band recall, “so you’ll notice that the gang backing vocals on this e.p are a step up from the mobile phone recordings on ‘As You Walk Away’.”

Also, and this is good news for any DJs caught out by June’s release, there is, unusually, no swearing on any of the three tunes. “Not so much as a ‘flipping’ or a ‘crivvens’,” the band say, perhaps a little self-righteously, or maybe more self-conscious.

Of the EP’s tracks, ‘Disgrace’ is described by the band as “riff-driven Morricone-ska, may God rest his soul”, ‘Are You Ready’ is their only actual song ABOUT lockdown (thank goodness).

And ‘World Keeps Rolling On’ has, they improbably claim, “already made one reviewer cry… and NOT because he bought it before we could send it to him for free. It’s ‘Rudebeard does a power-ballad’. Get your lighter in the air.”

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