Rudebeard release a new EP, entitled ‘As You Walk Away’, via F&J Records.

The three tracks are the septet’s first new examples of “punky folky noisy ska with a strong Fifeish accent” since ‘Wideos On The Rise’, from January this year.

Available via Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon or Spotify, the band describe the EP’s title track as “out-and-out radio friendly ska”.

By contrast, ‘Small C Conservative’ is “probably our least radio friendly song ever,” they say, while “‘Pishy Mattress’ is just 30 seconds long, so you can properly wash your hands afterwards.”

The septet consist of Rod Drysdale, Ali Hendry, Becky Verdon, Graeme Mearns, John MacFarlane, Gordy Davidson and Adam Lawson, and are drawn from various ska and punk acts such as the Amphetameanies, Capone and the Bullets, Newtown Grunts, Joe Viterbo, The Banditos, Bulky Matron and Randolph’s Leap.

Founding member Davidson says of the release: “It seems like every night, I check the group chat, and one of us has written a new tune, and recorded a wee demo of it, and sent it round for everyone’s else’s amusement.

“Then someone adds a layer of music, and then someone else joins in, and before you know it… you find yourself stood in a field miles from anywhere so you can properly shout a really foulmouthed backing vocal into your phone without getting done for Breach Of The Peace.”

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