Rozi Plain and Rachael Dadd release a joint 7″ vinyl single on Eigg-based Lost Map Records.

The Bristol pair’s collaboration features one track from each artist – ‘Jogalong’ and ‘Strike Our Scythes’ respectively.

‘Jogalong’ is the first track to be released from Rozi’s forthcoming album – as yet untitled, it will Engineered by Kristian Robinson (Capitol K) back in January 2014, it will feature contributions from Gerard Black and Amaury Ranger (Babe / François & The Atlas Mountains), Kate Stables and Jamie Coles (of This Is The Kit, Rozi also being a member of the band), and singer-harpist Serafina Steer. Rozi’s two albums to date – 2008’s ‘Inside Over Here’ and 2012’s ‘Joined Sometimes Unjoined’, are both now available on Lost Map.

‘Strike Our Scythes’ comes from Rachael’s forthcoming long-player ‘We Resonate’ (to be released by French label Talitres on November 17th) and will feature Laura Marling’s sideman Marcus Hamblett, experimental Japanese multi-instrumentalist ICHI, Alessi Laurent-Marke of Alessi’s Ark, and Rozi Plain.