Rozi Plain releases a new six-track EP, as part of Lost Map’s ‘V I S I T ▲ T I O N S’ series.

It’s the third episode in the regular guest series of releases from the Eigg-based label, with the recordings being made on the island, at St. Franny’s Bothan.

Also part of the ‘residency’ are Babe’s Gerard Black and Jamie Whitby-Coles from This is the Kit – both regular collaborators with the Winchester-born singer-songwriter.

Like other releases in the series the EP is available on subscription at

The previous instalments – Arthur King (feat. Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle) and Rachel Aggs (Sacred Paws/Shopping) – are available now on a choice of either 12” vinyl (with download) or download-only.

A new episode of the Lost Map Podcast, featuring an interview with Rozi Plain, is available now.

Visitations 0203 track listing:

1. Beanie (3.59)
2. Beiggy (2.37)
3. Berty (2.47)

4. Flighty (4.13)
5. Marcy (2.58)
6. Tricksy (6.03)

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