Rose of Denmark release a new single, ‘A Decent Hour’.

Available as a Bandcamp download, the track is the first material from the latest project of Bristol-based, former Odeon BeatClub frontman Paul Tierney along with bandmates Chris Webb, Sarah Milburn and Jack Cookson from A Plume of Feathers.

Tierney, who also trades under the Lonely Tourist alias, co-wrote the new tune with Webb, before recording it with Cookson. The track was then produced by Jim Lang – also previously of Odeon BeatClub – in Glasgow.

Rose of Denmark, like Plume of Feathers, takes its name from a pub in Bristol, the previous act released a self-titled album themed around the closure of drinking establishments.

However, while the new act’s planned album will also be a concept piece of sorts, it will be based around a “traumatic” trip made by Webb to the Lake District when he and a friend got lost. “It all ended happily thankfully,” the band point out.

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