Rosalie release a new single, ‘Lost’.

It’s the second release from the Perth act following their debut EP ‘Sunshine in the Dark’ in September 2020.

Available to download via Bandcamp, the track is the lead single for their upcoming album, of which the release date is yet to be confirmed.

The duo – Nina Bossicart, a singer-songwriter originally from Belgium, and Stewart Landsburgh, a guitarist from Fife – say of the track: “… it is an exploration into the feeling of helplessness … and allows us to see that not always having all the answers isn’t such a bad thing…

“…although writing music is a way of connecting with people and allows for great collaborations, this song is the feeling of being alone on a drizzly day, watching the waves come in and out on the beach in a kind of blissful loneliness”.

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