Ronnie Smith releases his debut album, ‘Love Is A Real Thing’, which, he says, was inspired by a five-year, fruitarian diet.

Smith, born and based in Glasgow, initially started the fruit diet as an experiment after watching athletes on Youtube who followed a fruit based diet.

“In the first week of eating only fruit I experienced incredible energy, he said of the diet. “Then, long term pains in my joints disappeared completely. I just kept going from there”

Smith had previously played shows with the likes of 1975, Glasvegas and Scouting for Girls, but set out to learn more about the diet, traveling the world in search of other fruitarians, ending up at the Woodstock Fruit Festival in upstate New York.

While there he was persuaded to take part in a talent show at the event. “To my complete surprise I not only won but my music was used in the documentary of the festival,” he recalled, adding: “Changing my diet has given me a new confidence that I didn’t expect.”

The album, released by Towdie Records, is available now from, or as a free download at his bandcamp site.