Rollor release an album ‘We Are Due A Visit Soon’ on Anarchistic Maggot Records.

Available on a pay-what-you-want download, it’s also a physical release, on blue cassette.

The album, the band say, contains “themes of climate change, corruption, racism and the recent pandemic,” and follows an EP from October 2019, ‘Destroy This Mad Brute’.

It’s the work of Matt Harris, on guitar, vocals and ukulele and David Collins, playing basses, guitar, vocals, piano and samples.

There’s also a special appearance via email by “Matthew”, a few Chumbawamba samples, and Dr Drumrollor provides the beats.

Recorded on a handheld digital recorder, the 15 tracks are split over two sides with ‘A’ mostly recorded in late 2019 and up to February 2020, plus a couple of tracks produced during lockdown.

Side B is an improv recording at Carlton Studios from February this year.

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