Rob St. John and Woodpigeon release a joint 10″ single on Song, By Toad.

The split between Rob St. John and Mark Hamilton out of Woodpigeon is in fact a collaboration between long-time friends, with a third artist, Edinburgh painter Jake Bee, contributing the artwork. St John has a full band show at Henry’s in Edinburgh on 29th May, but with some as-yet-announced shows in the weeks prior to that.

St. John’s songs – ‘Young Sun’ and ‘Folly’ – were recorded in Edinburgh in September 2014 utilising vintage analogue kit and the voices of Tom Western, Mark Andrew Hamilton and Ian Humberstone.
Woodpigeon’s contribution to the release is a ‘mini-song-suite’ entitled ‘Trouble Comes’ and was recorded in Montreal’s Hotel2Tango, plus Catriona Sturton on harmonica, Mark Andrew Hamilton on guitars, Graham Lessard on bass and Jonah Fortune on drums and percussion.

More at the Song, By Toad website.