OK, for once we’ve given you a day’s notice – so, book your tickets to Aberdeen for a stellar show. At Tunnels: RM Hubbert, Emma Pollok and Amber (more)
“We are all very excited by this line up” say the guys at Interesting Music. Not surprised.
Hubby is also at the Doghouse on Thursday, which is kind of our token Dundee mention. And Henry’s in Edinburgh on Friday – so that’s Edinburgh taken care of as well.

In Glasgow on Friday 20th, at Oran Mor, Christiaan Webb (yes, of Webb Brothers fame) plays at Oran Mor, to promote his debut solo album. Also on the bill: Joshua Caole, Laura Healy, and Kat Healy.

Saturday is really all about Record Store Day, but there are a couple of unconnected shows as well.
White Heath are currently on their “Make-Believe Tank Tour” (no, me neither) which takes in Glasgow at the Captain’s Rest, on Saturday 21st. Support from Alan McKim and Gerry Cinnamon, more here.
Or, not too far away (assuming there’s no stage time clash,and let’s face it, there’s bound to be, Meursault are at King Tut’s.

Finally, on Sunday, How To Swim and Remember Remember are in Glasgow’s CCA on Sunday, April 22nd.

Except, Thula Borah are at Dundee’s Dexter’s on Sunday as well. Just received their ‘Live Secretly’ EP and it contains six very nice slices of rather epic (post?) rock. More at thulaborah.co.uk