RKB Vitesse releases an EP, ‘Pledge Psychodrama’, via Lost Map.

The brainchild of producer Oliver Marchant, the single is available via digital services and as part of Lost Map’s PostMap Club subscription service.

The EP also features a remix by K Of Zen, a slo-mo disco remix by Marchant of his own song ‘Dancer At The Edge of Time’, and a “response” to the RKB Vitesse track ‘The More You Love Yourself’ by performance artists, musicians and poets Montenegrofisher.

The single is described as “a true tale of alcohol sodden heartbreak and broken promises on a short holiday to the Eden Valley, Cumbria,” by the London-based musician, who previously released his debut album as RKB Vitesse, ‘The More You Love Yourself The More You Will be Loved’, in December 2020

That long-player came out via Vitamin Concept, the label Marchant co-runs with Serafina Steer from (now) fellow Lost Map artist Bas Jan, whose debut album ‘Yes I Jan’ was released on the Eigg-based imprint in 2018.

Other activities are as a founder member of electronic pop juggernaut SDF, who released two albums, ‘Judas’ (2015), and ‘Alana’ (2017), for Good Food tapes and Psykick Dancehall and respectively. The band have recently completed their third long-player during a residency at PRAH studios in Margate.

Marchant / RKB Vitesse also presents a monthly radio show called Vitamins – with Chooc Ly, outlookexplorer and Ammonite – on Internet Public Radio, and makes up one half of wide vista sound and DJ duo Open Windows.

More at www.facebook.com/rkbvitesse / lostmap.com.