Prolific Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter Richard Haswell releases his 23rd album, ‘Pompeiian Red’.

The 20-track opus is a collection of live tracks, alternative mixes and other rarities – some of the live recordings being taken direct from the mixing desk, others recorded on camcorders and iPhones etc and remastered.

Among his previous 22 releases are a variety of albums under the Rhubarb, G For Gnome and White Noise pseudonyms.

On this occasion the album comes out under his own name, although various musicians have contributed: guitarist Lewis Kippen, who is on around half of the tunes; Shelley Haswell, who is responsible for backing vocals on ‘Magnetic North’; Ian Urch, who plays mandolin on the same track,; Gareth Urch (melodica on ‘The Undreamed Of’) and Thomas Urch (these three may be related), adding bass to ‘Cause and Effect’.

The album can be heard via Spotify, or purchased as a bandcamp download (below).


1. The Fall Of The Sparrow (Zedanzig Techno Version – live in Cupar 2010)
2. Red Sky (Live Groovetunnel Rehearsal 2011)
3. Cause And Effect (Live in Cupar 2010)
4. The Undreamed Of (Acoustic Session)
5. Dream Hill (Acoustic Version)
6. The Rings Of Saturn (Acoustic Version)
7. Post Goldrush Blues (Live in Glenfarg 2010)
8. Magnetic North (Live in Glenfarg 2010)
9. Kill It At Birth (Live in Cupar 2010)
10. Too Close To See (Live in Cupar 2010)
11. Cause And Effect (Acoustic Session)
12. Brick By Brick (Live in Jedburgh 2011)
13. Pretty Saro (Live in Kemback 2016)
14. The Thinner The Ice (Acoustic Session)
15. The Rings Of Saturn (Live in Cupar 2010)
16. Forest Fear (Live in Cupar 2010)
17. Perfect Parallel (Live in Jedburgh 2011)
18 The Fall Of The Sparrow (Live in Jedburgh 2011)
19. Cause And Effect (Acoustic Live in Glenfarg 2010)
20. Cause And Effect (Alternative Mix)

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