Kitchen Cynics, Lachance and Grand Pricks are among the bands featured on a cassette compilation put together by half a dozen of Scotland’s indie labels have got together to release.

THe Scottish Indie Sampler Vol. II features tracks from Fitlike Records, Make-That-A-Take Records, Save As Collective, Handpicked Cassette Tapes, DTHCMP & GoldMold Records.

Originally put out on Cassette Store Day in early October, the full breakdown of the tracks reads as such:

1. Pillow Talk – Lead Ache [GoldMold]
2. Grand Pricks – Hotstough [GoldMold]
3. Lovely Ladies – Pink Teeth [GoldMold]
4. Tryptamines – Metropolis [FitLike]
5. Kitchen Cynics – Above The Vaults [FitLike]
6. CS Buchan – Ambulance [FitLike]
7. Lachance – Shoebox [MTAT]
8. Clearer The Skit – Gold Dissolved In The Ocean [MTAT]
9. PMX – Pull The Trigger [MTAT]
Side B:
10. Bronze Wave – Waaave [SaveAs]
11. Heavy Manners – Nice Dream [SaveAs]
12. RAZA – Futuramayana [SaveAs]
13. ILe Flottante – Wumpz [Handpicked]
14. Cheeky Forty – Soother [Handpicked]
15. Mantra – Black Lies [Handpicked]
16. Lude – Temptations [DTHCMP]
18. Misti – RAUNA [DTHCMP]