Jazzateers release a limited edition vinyl album, ‘Don’t Let Your Son Grow Up To Be A Cowboy’ on Creeping Bent.

Limited to 300 copies only, the long-player comes as deluxe gatefold / 180g vinyl, covering the band’s material recorded during their time on Postcard Records. It’s available now at www.creepingbent.net and in shops by October 14th.

The band – songwriters Ian Burgoyne and Keith Band, plus singer Alison Gourlay, and drummer Colin Auld – would later sign to Rough Trade, and see a variety of members pass through including Paul Quinn, and Hipsway’s Grahame Skinner.

Despite being a non-digital release, the album comes with a free download of six tunes from a 1981 show at Deville’s in Manchester, from 14th August 1981, supporting Aztec Camera at the ‘The Factory Sit-In’.

The tracks on the album were produced by the band and Edwyn Collins and Jazzateers, and includes a version of ‘Wasted’ – originally recorded by Donna Summer, it was scheduled to be the final single on Postcard.