BMX Bandits release a single, ‘Beautiful Friend’, via Spanish imprint Elephant.

The four-track EP comes in yellow vinyl as a numbered limited edition of 500 copies. This includes a download code, and the single is also available as an mp3.

There are three unreleased tracks that accompany the lead track – ‘Children Song’, which was co-written with the Japanese singer Miette-One; ‘Standing Still’, which was recorded in Tokyo, a collaboration with Sayuri and Ueno from Tenniscoats, a ‘live’ recording with just two microphones, in Sayuri and Ueno’s home, and with with the voice of Yeongene.
Finally, there’s ‘Students of Life’, a tune which was only included on album Star Wars at insistence of Francis Macdonald. The EP version is live, recorded at the band’s 25th anniversary celebration.

There is a video for the tune by Chris Croft, which doesn’t seem to be online just yet… more at the Elefant website