Randolph’s Leap release full-length debut album “proper” Clumsy Knot.
The 13-track opus follows several mini albums, compilations and EPs, including The Curse of The Haunted Headphones and their mini-album on Olive Grove Records, Real Anymore.

Released on Johnny ‘Pictish Trail’ Lynch’s Lost Map Records, just over half of the songs on Clumsy Knot are home-recordings – the album was put together by singer, songwriter Adam Ross with the assistance of the rest of the seven-piece – Vicki Cole (bass), Andrew MacLellan (cello, guitar), Iain Taylor (drums, guitar), Heather Thikey (violin), Ali Hendry (trumpet), Fraser Gibson (trombone) as well as former member Gareth Perrie (keyboards, vocals, guitar).

Here’s the video for ‘Foolishness of Youth’, directed by Ben Cowie and Alan Cameron at Wake Up Advice.