First thing first – on Tuesday 9th January, The Hazey Janes will be on the Janice Forsyth Show on Radio Scotland, from 2pm, playing tunes from new album ‘Hands Around The City’.

In lieu of any other live music, Radio Scotland’s much-trailed but hard-to-find-out-about filler shows have been and gone, but are now online. Included are documentaries about The Associates and Rab Noakes.

Also, Nicola Meighan’s recent late night shows featured a series of chats with various luminaries chatting about their classic songs. These are now being rebradcast on Januce Forsyth’s Radio Scotland afternoon shows over the coming weeks. Included are spots with
Aidan Moffat, King Creosote, Emma Pollock, Deacon Blue, Justin Currie and Anna Meredith among others. The first one is Gary Clark out of Danny Wilson, reminiscing about ‘Mary’s Prayer’.

And with a new album due next week, Skids frontman Richard Jobson featured on Mark Radcliffe’s 6Music show on Thursday 4th.