It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted an update to the audio-visual menu available to Scottish indie music fans – I’d not say we couldn’t be arsed, let’s instead leave it at “overtaken by other priorities”…

Anyway, that means that there’s a good old selection of ‘listen again’-style links for you…

Vic Galloway had Redolent in session a few weeks ago, and you can hear it here

And on 6Music last week, Marc Riley rebroadcast a Scars archive session, which you can find here

And BBC Introducing in Scotland rounded up some of their favourite live sessions of 2022, including Bemz, Love Sick, Nani, Pretty Preachers Club, Dylan John Thomas and Spyres.

The Quay Sessions on Radio Scotland with Roddy Hart also delved into their archive, with an old live set from Rachel Sermanni.

Finally, to the telly – if you missed it the other night, fear not as ‘Where You’re Meant To Be‘ – Aidan Moffat’s documentary / travelogue about the roots of Scottish folk music and storytelling, and including his ‘debate’ with Scottish balladeering legend Sheila Stewart – was on BBC Scotland, and will be available on the iPlayer for the next month or so.