Spare Snare haven’t run out of albums… yet… but it’s the turn of compilation ‘Disco Dancing‘ to be the subject of their #sparesnarelisteningparty… hit ‘Play’, and Twitter, at 8pm.

Not a great deal of live and exclusive music on the radio this week, but you could return to last week’s is this music? since we didn’t tell you about it at the time. As well as an excellent selection of new music, it also boasts a live acoustic session from Paper Rifles

And back on the web, on Monday 15th, from 10pm, #TimsTwitterListeningParty sees Tim Burgess and The View (Kyle and Kieren) discuss ‘Hats Off To The Buskers’ – which came out in 2007.

Love and Money‘s ‘Strange Kind of Love’ came out in 1988 (!) and in 2020 – Wednesday June 17th at 9pm – you can relive it, presumably in the company of James Grant.

If that doesn’t make you feel old, Thursday 18th, 9pm, it’s the turn of The Fratellis, talking (tweeting) about their debut, ‘Costello Music’, from the year before, 2006.

And we’ll not even tell you how many decades it’s been since Laura Cantrell released ‘Not The Tremblin’ Kind’ on Francis McDonald’s Shoeshine label, but it was this millennium (just). Anyway, Sunday 21st, 9pm, tune in with Tim.