This week, beginning Monday November 16th, that Vic Galloway is in for Gideon Coe on 6music, from 9pm – midnight, Monday – Thursday… and on one of the nights there’ll be a Franz Ferdinand live set from 2004. (Unsure which night, I guess you’ll have to tune in, all part of his cunning plan…)

The Scottish Alternative Music Awards take place virtually this Thursday i.e. on your PC screen, and you can see live sets from Walt Disco and SAY Award-winner Nova as well as the announcement of the winners in seven categories. Jim Gellatly and Leyla Josephine are the hosts, live on Facebook from 7pm.

Honorary Scot Lloyd Cole celebrates one of his post-Commotions albums, ‘Music In A Foreign Language’, on Sunday, November 22nd – at (where else?), from 9pm.