This week’s selection of audiovisual entertainment is… mainly for the ears… BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal’s Rapal on Monday 24th May at 7pm has a repeat of a session from December 2020 from Charlie Clark ahead of the Astrid man’s forthcoming solo album.

On Tuesday 15th, same show, Prentice Robertson from Vistas performs a live solo session.

And on Wednesday 26th, Rapal’s Album of the Week is ‘Familiar Patterns’ by Edinburgh-based act Swiss Portrait, and Rapal interviews the man behind the music, Michael Kay Terence.

is this music?’s show at Regal Radio has Rainbow Skull – who feature Alex Botten, formerly of Dundee act Magnetic North Pole and Thee Moths – with tunes and chat, on Thursday 27th from 4-6pm.

(You can catch up at the ‘Listen again’ archive at or via Spitify, iTunes etc.)

And speaking of catch-up / listen again, you can see an interview with Gary Clark of Danny Wilson fame, talking about the band’s classic 80s single ‘Mary’s Prayer’ to the (cough) Professor of Rock…