Vic Galloway on Radio Scotland (8-10pm Monday). No idea. I’m not even sure Vic has anyone to stand in for him!

On Radio One Introducing (Radio 1, Wed/Thu midnight), Louise McVey & The Cracks in the Concrete in Session

On the iPlayer, a pretty remarkable show – the only thing more unusual about it is Radio Scotland’s insistence on keeping it as secret as they can.
However, they’ve accidentally put it online for the next week – Alex Kapranos in conversation with (firstly) Edwyn and Grace Collins, and then, with The Vaselines. Here it is!

And, on, from 7.00-8.30pm on Tuesday, it’s that Stuart McHugh bloke from Jockrock and… chatting with Being 747 – the creators of Edinburgh festival hit musical Amoeba to Zebra
(Hear a tune by MJ Hibbett recorded on last week’s show)