Post Coal Prom Queen have shared new single ‘Wait, Wait! Dig!’, from their upcoming debut ‘PCPQ’ EP.

Following ‘Salt‘, from January, the new track is another trailer from the duo’s debut EP, ‘PCPQ’, due at the end of April. Both tracks are now available to download.

The duo – Lily Higham and Gordon Johnstone – are formerly of L-Space, alongside Vulture Party bassist Dickson Telfer and Maura Keane.

Forming their new band in 2020, they have released singles including ‘You Wouldn’t Download A Car’ as well as two collaborations with Japanese band Macaroom.

The pair were songwriters for the three albums L-Space released between 2018 and 2020 for Last Night From Glasgow – ‘Kipple Arcadia‘, ‘Music For Megastructures‘ and ‘Feed The Engines!’.

Speaking of their latest project in Post Coal Prom Queen, Higham explains: “I wanted to write beautiful and fun music about progress towards a better future and the human experience of getting there.

“I think we’ve captured that in our latest music,” she adds.

Post Coal Prom Queen are currently working on their debut album and preparing for live shows when restrictions are lifted.

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