Popcorn Fiend releases a new single, ‘Call To Aid’, on the Pure Moth label.

Coming with an alternate version, the ‘Ain’t No Wave Like Synthwave Remix’, it’s the last single to be taken from current album ‘Distance’.

That long-player, co-produced by Chvrches collaborator and engineer David R Simpson, was eight years in the making, following 2011’s ‘PF/EP’.

The Fiend – the pseudonym of Michael MacLennan – began his musical life in Aberdeen in 2003, releasing debut EP ‘Subliminal Messages Will Mess With Your Mind’.

Moves to Glasgow, then Manchester, then London, and then Salzburg in Austria followed, but despite music-making taking place, no formal releases were forthcoming until ‘Distance’, which came out last year.

“The album journey has been a great experience in a troubled time, and ‘Call To Aid’ felt like an especially apt way to bring the album promotion to a close,” MacLennan says of the latest lift from the album. “It was written about emergency response and embracing the need to adapt and embrace situations not of your own making.

“The remix in particular felt like a good way to enter this year with a revitalised sense of energy,” he adds.

Accompanying the song is an anime video directed by Mike Chase, also responsible for the promo for ‘Bear On Bear‘.

“As with that single I wanted something that had a heightened reality and sense of drama to proceedings, and this felt a perfect match,” MacLennan says of the video.

Popcorn Fiend had previously worked on videos for Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry’s previous band Blue Sky Archives, and their drummer Ross Rankin, who had also previously played with Popcorn Fiend, returned to perform on ‘Distance’.

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