Plume of Feathers release a full-length, self-titled album.

Messrs Tierney, Webb and Lang are fronted by Paul ‘Lonely Tourist’ Tierney – now Bristol-based, he recorded the album in Glasgow in trips back north over the space of a few months, with former Attic Lights man (and Malcolm Midddleton producer) Jim Lang.

The 17 tracks form a concept album of sorts – the band being named after a former pub, and he tunes, as the band say, concern ” a mourning pensioner, a first date, an upset Icelander, a wake, a pub singer, some football fans, a bereft landlord trying to save his business, references to gin palaces of the 1800s and gentrification in the 21st century.

Despite the singer’s location, the songs concern various locations, including ‘The Bar From The Halt’ (self-explanatory for anyone on Woodlands Road).