Pleasure Heads release a new single, ‘Cosmopolis’, on 7 West Music.

Available to stream or download, the track was recorded and mixed at 7 West’s studios by Chris Marshall, produced by Johnny Madden (of Baby Strange) and Chris Marshall, and mastered by Tom Woodehead at Hippocratic.

It follows debut single ‘Concrete Lips’ and more recent releases ‘Middle Man’ and ‘Sick Of The Sights’.

Since forming, the Falkirk-formed four-piece – Euan Purves (vocals, guitar), Ross Coulter (guitar), Alan Sharp (bass) and Lewis Jaoui (drums) – have performed back-to-back sold-out headlines show at the city’s Poetry Club venue last November, as well as appearing at festivals such as Tenement Trail, XpoNorth, and Stag & Dagger.

Of the new single, vocalist and guitarist Euan Purves said: “The idea for this song mainly comes from my disdain of technology. I’d admit that being able to see, in real time, events happening on the other side of the world is valuable in bringing humanity together; yet the personal connection is suffering as a result.

“It’s easy to think of persons as disembodied voices, messages to be avoided, mere pixels on the screen. We too often can’t see the brilliant, independent trees for the all-encompassing wood. Cosmopolis is a call for everyone to log off for once, see past the digital glitz, and broadcast their community spirit IRL.”

In keeping with that theme, the single artwork for ‘Cosmopolis’ is a 1959 illustration titled ‘Traffic Of The Future’, painted by the late German retrofuturist artist Klaus Bürgle. “We came across Klaus Bürgle and loved his work. Our favourite piece was ‘Traffic Of the Future’ and thought it might be worth getting in touch with the person who now holds the rights to the painting. Luckily he turned out to be a musician as well and was more than happy to let us use it as the cover.”

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