Pilotcan release a new album, ‘Bats Fly Out From Under the Bridge’. !–more–>

Written almost entirely in Austin, Texas – inspiring the sleeve and title – the eleven-track effort, on their own EVOL label, is their first new material in 12 years.

Recorded back in Scotland at Chem 19 studios with producer Paul Savage, the band last released an album in 2007 – ‘Eventually, All Your Friends Will Let You Down, Eventually’ itself having eight years of daylight between it and its predecessor.

That third release saw singer and guitarist Keiron Melotte as the sole founder member, but since then, Joe Herbert has rejoined for the new release, along with new(ish) recruits, Graeme Chyla, Raymond Taylor and Joe Quimby.

A follow up to the new album has already been recorded and will be released in 2019, as will a compilation of early singles, Peel sessions and other rare tracks.

01. Page, Take Me to the Lair
02. From a Days Inn, Virginia
03. Daylight Savings Time
04. (The) Schneck
05. Slack and Candy
06. 3rd and Bannister
07. Joey’s on Pills
08. Glasshouse Girls
09. Grackles (Bring Back Sriracha)
10. Heidi and Oscar
11. Everlasting Happiness

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