Philip Joseph Rae releases a new single, ‘Sun Keeps Rising’, on KFM Records.

Although technically the follow-up to Rae’s December 2020 single, ‘Christmas Sings‘, his latest track acts as a companion piece to ‘Three Drunken Brothers’ written in 2005 and recorded by David Jack in 2020.

That song concerns the titular Rae siblings, who turned to alcohol to cope with their struggles coping with the fallout of a strict Mormon upbringing.

Sadly, the latest release, penned in 2008 and again recorded to tape by Jack in 2020, tells the tragic tale of Rae’s brother Jason, who in March 2008 died from an accidental overdose of methadone.

Jason Rae was the husband of Corrine Bailey Rae and played saxophone and flute on her triple-platinum, self-titled debut album.

The follow-up, the Mercury Music Prize-nominated album ‘The Sea’, contained the song ‘I’d Like To Call It Beauty’, for which Philip Joseph Rae has a writing credit.

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