Indie label Last Night From Glasgow has established a new imprint to put out more unconventional works, the first being by the mysterious Peace Tape.

The Komponist label is working, for this release, in collaboration with the Reckless Yes! label, who have themselves put out music from Chorusgirl, former Bluetone Mark Morriss, and Liines, recent tour guests of bis.

Peace Tape’s ‘Abstract Works’ album contains 7 tracks spanning 17 minutes of both electronic and acoustic sounds which, we’re advised, are intended to create “an unsettling, unfamiliar, otherworldly sonic landscape for listeners to journey through.”

One feature of the album is that there is no specific track running order – listeners are advised to listen to the individual pieces in any order they like – “like walking through a gallery”.

Continuing the artistic theme, two tracks are entitled ‘Lucio Fontana’, and (Gerhard) ‘Richter’.

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