More post-T Break freebies to be had as radiomagnetic have put online a shedload of live sessions and the like from the 16 acts who played at this year’s event – Aerials Up, Boycotts, Cancel the Astronauts, Carnivores, Church of When the Shit Hits the Fan, Conquering Animal Sound, Crayons, Discopolis, Fatherson, Lady North, Marrik Layden Deft with Scatabrainz, Otherpeople, PAWS, Reverieme, The LaFontaines and United Fruit.

At there’s free live MP3
downloads for all 16 acts.

while at you can hear full live T break stage recordings and backstage interviews for all 16 acts.

And, a trio of acts – PAWS, Reverieme and Boycotts – were filmed for acoustic video sessions.