It’s all about Embra this week as the festival manages to throw up the odd musical gem.
Lach‘s Antihoot is back at the Gilded Balloon, courtesy of Song, By Toad – it’s the New York open stage night from which the ‘Antifolk’ movement sprang in the mid-eighties, spawning the careers of Beck, Jeffrey Lewis, Regina Spektor, and Moldy Peaches. Can’t guarantee any of the above will show, but there’ll be a mix of music and stand-up comedy. Thomas Truax is playing at one of them, but not entirely sure which – have a read here.

Also, as part of the free Fringe, former Dawn of the Replicants frontman Paul Vickers is performing a comedy show, Twonkeys Castle, at the Laughing Horse, daily (barring Tuesdays). Presumably the fact that the show’s web presence is a myspace site is some form of satire. More details.

It’s not all about the capital of course – for instance, Japanese female punk trio Shonen Knife play at Nice’nSleazy in Glasgow on Tuesday 16th. (They’re also in Edinburgh at Sneaky Pete’s, on Monday 15th, but you probably missed that one!)