Paul Vickers and The Leg release a new album, ‘Jump’.

The fourth full-length collaboration between the former frontman of Dawn of The Replicants, and the quintet which includes in its ranks various members of legendary Edinburgh indie outfit Khaya, is released via Tenement Records.

Since 2014’s previous joint release ‘The Greengrocer’, The Leg have expanded from a trio of guitar/vocalist Dan Mutch, cellist and producer Pete Harvey; and percussionist Alun Scurlock (formerly Alun Thomas).

(Re)joining the threesome is bassist John Mackie, who was previously in Khaya with Mutch and Harvey (and with all three in post-Khaya combo Desc) while guitarist James Metcalfe has also joined the band’s ranks, having previously been part of Zed Penguin.

The Leg’s own new album ‘Chromatic Perversion’ will be released in the first quarter of 2020, also on Tenement Records.

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