The Pastels release a new album, entitled Slow Summits.
It’s the band’s first release in 16 years, since 1997′s Illumination (if you don’t count the soundtrack to The Last Great Wilderness in 2003 or the more recent Tenniscoats collaboration)
The album was recorded in Glasgow by Stephen McRobbie and Katrina Mitchell while John McEntire of Tortoise co-produced and mixed the album.
Original member Aggi Wright also contributed (conveniently as she’s in that picture). Also featured are a variety of guest artists including Tom Crossley, Norman Blake and Gerard Love of Teenage Fanclub, Alison Mitchell, John Hogarty, Tenniscoats, composer Craig Armstrong, and members of To Rococo Rot.

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Here’s the video for single ‘Check My Heart’, shot by Blair Young on 16mm film